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Locally Operating Truck Booking.

Intra city tempo/truck booking for transport of goods can be done here by filling the form given below. Most essencial part is carefully pin pointing the location points on loading and unloading maps provided, so that driver can reach those points using navigation services provided to them. Respective addresses also can be generated more accuately by clicking 'Generate' button and can be furher fine tuned by editing them manually. To facilitate pin pointing locations 'Search places' box can be used to move quickly to desired area by typing near-by prominant place name in to the box. Registered Users can Fill in most of the form with their default information by clicking 'Default' button. The last filled in booking information is saved automatically when booking is done or by clicking 'Save' button intentionally. By clicking 'Restore' button last saved information is retrieved so that only changed information is to be given by editing the form.

Load Type : As Truckers/Tempos have choosen specific Load Types to delivery, it is necessary to provide load type while booking consignment. It helps in presenting available tempos/trucks which are willing to carry that type of load.

Search area radius : This is to constrain area for searching available trucks. It is radial distance not road distance so most of the time road distance is more than radius value. Depending on various radius ditances chosen Freight Multipliers are applied to compensate reaching to loading point expenses so one should start with lowest possible radius values and gradually move on to higher values depending upon availablity of trucks/tempos.

Consignment reference : This is alias name given to consignment by consigner. Instead of remembering lenghty congnment number, easily memorable text name can be given to booked consignment which can be used on tracking page to identify required consignment on tracking page. This is mainly usefull for registered users who are doing frequent bookings and have many consignments open at any given point.

After completing the necessary information tempos/trucks availablity can be checked by clicking 'show' button depending on booking radius paramter and can be fine tuned. Process can be repeated till satisfactory tempo/truck is available. Once satisfactory tempo/truck is available then it can be selected and payment can be done by clicking 'Proceed' button

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Gateway Selection Guidelines Based on Transaction Charges.

If Payment is to be done from Bank Of India A/C then select BOI Option

If Payment is less Than 2000 Then Select BillDesk Gateway

If Payment is More Than 2000 Then Select EasyPay Gateway

Please Note.

Loading/Unloading should be done by Consignor within 1.5 hour each for upto 3 MT trucks and 2.5 hrs each for 3 to 10 MT trucks.

Please keep cash of Invoice Amount ready and pay the driver at loading or unloading point

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