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Trans-Easy Ver. 19.10.31-10 31 Oct 2019  

Ver. 19.10.31-10 31 Oct 2019

This Download is of new Consignor and Agent app for Offline System

This is a Release build for Production.

Added support for Routine and optional districts. Routine and optional districts selection can be done in Dists Settings option visible on top action bar. Support for Android 10 (Q) also has been added

This build is released Both on web, test servers and also on Play Store.

Check Link :

TransTrade-Driver Ver. 19.09.20-10 20-Sep-2019  

TransTrade-Driver Ver. 19.09.20-10 20-Sep-2019.

Dependency on SMS for server to app replaced with FCM messages. Support for battery friendly location capturing added. Truck registration convenience through registration info SMS added. Migrated to most recent libs and play store requirements. Support for android P also has been added.

This build is released on test, web server and Play store for Testing and demonstration purpose.

Check Link :